Water Tower | Expo Zaragoza 2008

Koala carried out the assembly and the comprehensive program of the audio visual equipment set up in the 25 floors of “Water for Life”, the main exhibition of the Zaragoza Expo 2008. The building has a total of 10.400 sqm of surface that the public could have access to, and also a skirting board of 3.300 sqm with different halls joined by a winding walkway – where you could find small exhibitions – and a panoramic bar of 720sqm on the top floor. The Koala technology was put at the disposal of water (the leitmotiv of this enormous exhibition) to provide the most impacting and original ways in which this element can be showcased. The image of the sky moving uniformly among a line of 16 screens, or tubes of light hanging from the ceiling that simulated rain falling into a fountain, are some of the many effects that illustrate the audio visual impact of this spectacular ode to water.


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